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Fire up your marketing during stormy weather

Written by sean on January 5th, 2014 | Tags: , ,
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More often than not, when business gets tough, the first cost that business owners consider cutting, is design and marketing.

However, research has shown it is the companies that continue with relevant and cost effective marketing during the slow times, that emerge on top when the market picks up.

If you want to be seen as a leading industry player, make sure you present yourself as one.

Your brand identity is your one chance to make a positive first impression on any potential customers and the success of your business will largely be determined by your success at branding.  Think about all the ways your company is promoted: logos, colours, typefaces, taglines, etc. It is important that all the marketing methods you use, including your website, promotional materials and advertising, present your business image professionally and consistently.

Consider creative email marketing. It’s low cost, targeted and flexible. Our Fireflymail emailing system is an easy to use, no contract solution – with great marketing reports to show your campaign results.

You’ll also get great deals on advertising rates and production, as media companies and suppliers jostle to win your business.

Your continued marketing efforts will place you at the forefront of your customers minds, at a time when your competitors are taking shelter from the storm.  This is the time that your marketing will achieve the greatest impact.

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