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Firefly Creative have recently launched a sideline business.  Creative Director Sean Langridge has always loved music and lyrics, and sings in the local Brighton Rock Choir.  As a creative designer, he had the idea to design and turn his favourite song lyric into a stunning, bespoke wall canvas.  And so Your Song in Art was born.

Everybody, has a ‘special’ song. That one song that brings a smile to the face, or a tear to the eye… and most couples have a song or set of particular lines within a song that is special or poignant to their relationship…. a lyric from their first wedding dance, or just that one line from a song, that sums up how much they love or appreciate one another.

Looking for a unique wedding gift? Why not have a key phrase from that first dance wedding song immortalised into a stunning piece of wall art for the happy couple as a visual reminder of their special day. (You can purchase a gift voucher for the couple to redeem on return from their honeymoon.)

Your Song in Art canvases make fantastic, unique and very personal gifts for:

Wedding gifts / Engagements
Anniversary gifts – remind your loved one of that ‘special moment’
Valentines Day
Birthdays and Christmas…

Maybe its just a party anthem that brings back great memories of nights out with friends?… We all have ‘a song’.

All canvases are custom designed to your requirements, and are guaranteed one-offs.
This is not a commercial venture… purely a service for people wanting to create a unique and personal piece of art for their enjoyment. You can advise us of a preferred colour scheme if want to… or just leave it up to our talented designers.
All printing is top quality, and canvases are stretched on the best quality frames – with taped seams and quality fittings – ready to hang.

A perfect personal gift for any occasion… contact us for further information and prices.

Visit the new website at:

Lyrics on wall art canvas

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