Freshen your business image this new year

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January is traditionally a time for setting yourself personal resolutions for the year ahead. You’ve enjoyed a break and it’s time to start afresh for the new year. Don’t neglect your business identity in your resolutions though. It’s important that you continuously evolve and never more so than when it comes to your brand image.

When was the last time your branding was given a fresh look? Any longer than two years ago and it might be time to smarten up your identity. It’s likely you’re not wearing the same clothes you wore two years ago. By now they would be looking stale and dated. Your brand image can become tired too. You need to make the effort just as you do in other areas of your life. After all, you would smarten yourself up to impress at an important meeting wouldn’t you? So why leave your business identity to become stale? Is that the image you want to portray to your clients?

At Firefly Creative we work with our clients to design fresh and innovative brand imaging. We’ll sit down with you to establish what image you want for your business then we will create some designs for you to choose from. Once you’re happy with the new identity we can arrange to update your stationery, website, and produce any other marketing collateral you require.

When making a decision to undetake a brand makeover, there are a few points you should consider;

  • What message do you want your image to convey? Professional? Funky? Bright? Innovative?
  • If you have a profile on any Social Networking sites, do you want to share these profiles with your customers? Don’t forget than a Facebook Fan Page needs 25 ‘likes’ before a custom URL can be created.  if your page hasn’t achieved this number yet, it’s worth asking your friends to help. A custom URL, along with branded profile pages will present a more professional image of your business
  • Do you own all the images you wish to use in your promotion aside from your logo? We can help source images for you, or arrange professional photography if required.
  • The copy you use in your promotion is important too. Badly written copy can be off putting to customers. We can assist you with writing your copy if this is something you don’t feel comfortable undertaking yourself.

Let Firefly Creative help to freshen up your business image for 2011.

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